Due to the ongoing supply chain situation and general Wi-Fi component availability, we have decided to extend the end-of-life (EOL) date for the following AP Series models:

  • AP 15/15C
  • AP 55/55C
  • AP 100/100C/100X

The new EOL date is December 31, 2023, which represents a 9-month extension.

We are making this change to allow customers to continue using their legacy AP Series models with Sophos Firewall OS (SFOS*), Sophos UTM, and Sophos Central.

This extension does not change the support status for these models which are eligible for RMA support only until their EOL date.

As many of you have noticed, we are experiencing ongoing challenges in keeping up with the demand for some APX Series models. This is due to the general component availability and extended lead times from our manufacturers. While we expect this situation to improve somewhat, we will continue to see some stock shortages in regions with very high demand, and so do not want to add further pressure on the supply at this time due to an upcoming AP Series EOL.

This change will allow existing customers an extended planning horizon until we have our Wi-Fi 6 models fully available. Further information on the Wi-Fi 6 project schedule will be provided as soon as possible.

*Excludes XGS Series hardware appliances.

  • The dates in the text you quote will shift back by 9 months due to the new EOL date. I will add a note to that post to make it clear.

    So, the latest maintenance release as of December 2023 will be the last firmware version which includes management of the AP Series.

    To answer your question: Yes, you would be able to configure your AP 15 if you're using SFOS/XG Home, however, only until the end of 2023. That applies to both SFOS/XG Home and Sophos Central.

    The rest of the information about the behaviour after the EOL still applies.

  • You could use this Access Point with Central Wireless no matter which system you use.

    Simply get a Central Account, it will include Wireless for free. Then you do not have to wonder anymore. 

  • Sophos Firewall OS (XG Series only)

    The current expectation is that the latest maintenance release (MR) as of March 2023 will be the last firmware version to include management of the EOL access points, however, this is subject to change.

    • A few months before the EOL date: a banner will be shown under Wireless Protection in the user interface to alert admins to the upcoming EOL date.
    • After the final software release: access points managed in SFOS will no longer be visible and can no longer be managed.

    AP Series access points are not supported on XGS Series hardware.

    Sophos UTM (SG Series)

    There is currently no schedule for any changes to AP Series support in Sophos UTM.

    Can someone clarify this some more? I have a Sophos AP15 I am using with the software UTM. If I switch to the home XG software version, will I be still be able  configure my AP15? The quote above makes it seem as though the AP15 with XG will be unusable.