Sophos Firewall Home


Sophos Firewall Home is a free, non-commercial Software version of Sophos Firewall for Home, Laboratory, and educational use. It has the same features as Sophos Firewall Appliances.

Consolidation of answers to frequently asked questions in the community.


Home Edition is limited to the following

  • 4 cores
  • 6GB RAM

Anything more than the above won’t be utilized.

  • No Built-in WIFI Access Point
  • For Sophos Firewall devices, the Inbuilt wireless function isn’t supported by the home user license
  • Does not support UEFI Bios
  • No Support from Sophos Technical Team

Central Management

  • Home users can only store seven days of Report Data and can’t import/Export

Hardware Requirements

  • Intel Compatible Computer with Dual NIC
  • Quad-Core
  • 6GB of Ram
  • 120 GB of Disk
  • Minimum of two (2) NICs for LAN & WAN and not intel i210 /i225 series NICs
  • Bios Set to Legacy bios (CSM)

Links & Guides

Where to Download

Creating a bootable

Installation Guide

Sophos Firewall: Best practices

SFP Compatibility List

Available interface speed

  • 10 Mbps - Full duplex
  • 10 Mbps - Half duplex
  • 100 Mbps - Full duplex
  • 100 Mbps - Half duplex
  • 1000 Mbps - Full duplex
  • 1000 Mbps - Half duplex

Backup Compatibility 

Queries & Known Issues

Can I install my License

For 3rd-Party Hardware

  • Yes you can install a Home or Business license
  • Any Version

For Sophos hardware

  • Yes, however, you need to either replace the disk or reformat it.
  • Any Version

Can I install v18.5 & V19.0 Firmware

  • Yes, you can install any version

Can’t access GUI

  • Check NIC Port Assignment for LAN & WAN (randomize)

Can I connect an AP controller

  • Yes, but it’ll need to be set up as LAN Zone and not Wireless

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