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POPIMAPDaemon Dead


I just updated the firmware for my XG-115 firewall. Then the device got rebooted. Thereafter i am getting POPIMAPDaemon Dead error under Services area


How do i get it fixed?

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  • XGS126w_XN01_SFOS 19.0.0 GA-Build317# tail -f /log/warren.log
    MSG May 17 12:45:43Z [4150933248]: register_protocol: "POP3" for port: 109
    MSG May 17 12:45:44Z [4150933248]: SSL global pk initialization done
    MSG May 17 12:45:44Z [4150933248]: maxscansize = 1024000
    MSG May 17 12:45:44Z [4150933248]: action: KW_DO_S_VIRUSSCAN
    MSG May 17 12:45:44Z [4150933248]: KW_PREFIXSUBJECT [Infected attachment remov ed]
    MSG May 17 12:45:44Z [4150933248]: ACCEPT hard_action
    MSG May 17 12:45:44Z [4150933248]: initializing SSL context
    MSG May 17 12:45:44Z [4150933248]: TRUSTED CACERT DIR: '/conf/certificate/cace rts/'
    ERR May 17 12:45:44Z [4150933248]: reading private key '/conf/certificate/capr ivate/Default.key' failed for 'error:06065064:digital envelope routines:EVP_Decr yptFinal_ex:bad decrypt'
    CRT May 17 12:45:44Z [4150933248]: FATAL: /cfs/proxy/warren/conf/policy.conf : ERROR - init_policy_config