Information sourceBeta has been enabled on September 19th, 2023.  Please see the Beta announcement in our new Central Open Beta channel for full details.

Exciting updates are coming to Sophos Central during the week of Sept. 18th ! You’ll be able to try them out risk-free through our public beta program via an easy access experience toggle. No additional opt-in is required.

We are streamlining our navigation to allow quick, easy access to menus and shortcuts while also optimizing space, to better use horizontal screen space across Sophos Central pages. This beta also brings our initial release of Notifications! Informational banners are moving to an easy access icon where you can choose to dismiss them for the login session or permanently.


Sneak peak into what's changing! 

We'll save the full detail for the beta access announcement but, you can preview some of the highlights below:

  • Our existing left navigation is moving to a top navigation bar
  • A new Dashboards drop down menu consolidates access to Account Health Check and Central dashboards
  • We've added quick access icons for commonly used items 
  • A new Notifications icon provides access to our former informational banners 
  • Based on feedback from our users, some pages page names are being simplified

About the beta stage:

The "Beta" stage means we are still under development, and we still have some items to wrap up over the next few weeks. 

What else to know?

This announcement will get updated when the beta is enable. We'll provide a link to all the beta details, and where you can ask any questions.  We will also have a guided tour available within the user interface to tell you more about the key changes.

Stay tuned!