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We are excited to announce the availability of our Sophos Central New Navigation and Notification Public Beta for all customer dashboard users!

This beta streamlines our navigation to allow quick, easy access to menus and shortcuts while also optimizing space, to better use horizontal screen space across Sophos Central pages. It also brings our initial release of Notifications! Informational banners are moving to an easy access icon where you can choose to dismiss them for the login session or permanently.

Accessing the beta:

Easily access the updates via the risk-free experience toggle available in the lower left hand corner of the Sophos Central UI. 

What's changing?

  • Our existing left navigation is moving to a top navigation bar.
    • A collapsible left navigation will still be available in the product areas.
  • A new Dashboards drop-down menu consolidates access to Account Health Check and Central dashboards.
    • This menu will expand in the future, so stay tuned for future betas!
  • We've added quick access icons for commonly used items such as:
    • Account Health Check dashboard
    • General Settings (formerly Global Settings)
    • Notifications
  • Informational banners will move to a new Notification icon
    • Choose to dismiss individual items for your login session, or permanently.
  • Based on feedback from our users, some page names have been simplified
    • Protect Devices is changing to Installers, and has moved under the new Devices drop down.
    • Global Settings is changing to General Settings
    • Logs & Reports is changing to Reports
  • Guided workflows and the Sophos assistant are being introducedand will start with this beta.

About the beta stage:

  • The "Beta" stage means we are still under development, and we still have some items to wrap up over the next few weeks. 
  • We will use the new Sophos Central Open Beta community channel for any questions or feedback, so check out the discussions for any recent questions.


What else to know?

  • Post beta, the default navigation will not be replaced right away. We will continue to run the optional experience for some time and provide plenty of notice before we fully replace our existing left navigation.
  • This experience is exclusive to Customer dashboard and not available in our Enterprise or Partner dashboards.
  • Thanks so much for the feedback.  I'm happy to report that the ability to see the sub-estate name when you are working in the customer console, is coming back soon.  This will be available in the new navigation in mid October.

    I will share your feedback on the screenshots, and Health Check report including it as well with the respective teams to consider for future projects.

  • As an MSP, we work with Sophos Central Partner. It is very important that we can always clearly see on the screen which customer we are working on, this is no longer visible which potentially creates a risk of errors.

    Preferably, the customer name is also included in screenshots taken ( e.g. Account Health Check) for presentation to the customer.

    > We would also like to see a Health Check report as shown on the screen, but in PDF so we can discuss this with the customer during QBRs.