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Utilities, Etc.

Delete Up2Date Packages to Free-up Space in the root directory
Log names and service locations
MxToolbox Email Blacklist Check
namebench - Open-source DNS Benchmark Utility
Sophos Firewall: How to re-image the appliance
Free Essentials License

TrustedSource - Check Single URL
Rulz (last updated 2019-04-17) Also see Doug Foster's take on some of this: READ ME FIRST: UTM Architecture
Sophos UTM: How to recover access in the event of password loss
Save a cert chain for WebAdmin/User Portal that has an intermediate cert
Retirement calendar for Sophos UTM & XG
Reboot Sophos Router
ASG 425 Display with homelicense
*Unofficial* Hardware Compatibility List (HCL)
UTM Support Downloads
version change trick
Douglas Foster’s ideas about working through the The Great Firewall of China


Sandstorm FAQ


DNS best practice
Block a TLD
Disable root hints

Network Protection

Packetfilter logfiles on the Sophos UTM
V9 IPS Rules
persistent changes to packetfilter timeouts


Accessing Internal or DMZ Webserver from Internal Network


Understanding QOS for SIP VOIP on the Sophos UTM


Auto Configuring Proxy Settings
HTTP Log File
Configuring HTTP/S proxy access with AD SSO  The article is aimed at Standard mode but 98% of it applies to Transparent mode, too.
Sophos UTM: Httpproxy with AD-SSO authentication doesn't work with Internet Explorer and Chrome after upgrading to 9.5
FindProxyForURL - PAC & WPAD Resource
How to change the outgoing interface for Web Filtering
HTTPS Decrypt and Scan FAQ


Basic Exchange setup with SMTP Proxy
Starting to Use Strict RDNS = black.rbl.ctipd.astaro.local
List all domains we've sent email - Whitelist
Block TLD Email Senders


Exchange WAF Guide
Publish RDG for Server 2016
Web Application Firewall: Configuration and troubleshooting
Webserver Protection Reverse Authentication


Repair AP 55 firmware


How to uninstall Sophos Endpoint Security and Control
Change Endpoint Tamper-Protection Password
How to migrate from UTM Endpoint Protection to Sophos Central Endpoint Protection


.ovpn ßà .apc Conversions
How to Run Preconnect/Connect/Disconnect OpenVPN Scripts
Auto-Failover IPsec VPN Connections
Sophos UTM multiple S2S IPsec VPN mit Failover – Tutorial (DE)
Hub and Spoke Site-to-Site VPNs
How to allow remote access users to reach another site via a Site-to-Site Tunnel
VPN between same subnets  & More VPN between same subnets
Sophos UTM Site-to-Site VPN Azure
How to connect Shrew Soft VPN client to Sophos IPsec VPN
How to create an X509 key based Site-to-Site VPN
How to Establish Site-to-Site VPN Connection using RSA Keys
IPsec Site-to-Site – Kevin’s Kwik Konfig
How To Establish Site-to-Site VPN Connection using a Preshared Key

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