Basic URL Blocking

I searched but am unable to find a tutorial on basic URL/site category blocking. Please share if you know of a good resource.

I cannot figure out how to block

Per and

it is categorized as at least one of the following:

Personal Pages
Internet Services

I don't believe blocking these categories is practical.

I added the following entry to 'Block These Websites' section of my Default Content Filter Action:

but the site still loads.

Any help is appreciated.

  • would try the polycy - tester.


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  • would try the polycy - tester.

    I don't know what that is.

  • try Webprotection / policy Helpdesk

    possible your definition isn't correct:

    domain: ?? Would try:

    if this don't work ...

    try Regex:   .*unblockedgame76

    But note: "Entries must be correct regular expressions" goto the blacklist definition page and click the "?" for detailed help.


    Block these websites: If you want to block a specific URL or website, or a subset of webpages of a specific domain, regardless of its category, define it here. This has the effect that websites defined here can be blocked even if they belong to a category you want to allow.

    1. Click the Plus icon to open the Add whitelist/blacklist object dialog window.
    2. Make the following settings:

        • Name: Enter a descriptive name for the whitelist/blacklist object.
        • Match URLs based on: Domain Enter one or more domain names. If you check Include subdomains subdomains will also be matched ( will also match and If you do not select Include subdomains only an exact domain name will match.
        • Match URLs based on: Regular Expression. Enter the regular expressions that you want to use to match against the entire URL. If you check Perform matching on these domains only you can specify a list of domains that must match before the regular expression is applied. Using a regular expression is useful if you need to match against the path.

      Cross Reference – For detailed information on using regular expressions for web filtering, see the Sophos Knowledge Base.

      Note – Entries must be correct regular expressions. For instance, * is not valid. If you are trying to match a domain name, try not to use .* as that can expand into the path. For example, the regular expression http://.*example\.com will also match

      • Comment (optional): Add a description or other information.

    3. Click Save.


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  • Hello busthead!

    Thank you for contacting the Sophos Community1

    I would recommend you to do the following:

    Go to Web Protection >> Filtering Options >> Websites >> New Site and follow the screenshot (basically change the Category to something you would usually block like Anonymizers and change the reputation to Malicious, actually you could do either or only one, and c reate a Tag called Blocked. 

    Then go to the Filter Action that you want to block this 

    This should block it, to test via Policy Helpdesk, go to Web Protection >> Policy Helpdesk >> and enter the URL and an IP of one of the computer that uses that profile

    Also what dirk is mentioning should work!


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  • This worked perfectly; thank you.