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openvpn tls-remote ? deprecated yet used.



very confused about this in 9.501


Fix [NUTM-6504]: [Access & Identity] OpenVPN 2.4.0 deprecated option "tls-remote"

Fix [NUTM-7448]: [Access & Identity] SSLVPN: download of configuration for windows should use tls-remote option


The config file you then download has tls-remote however this does NOT work at all with the latest openvpn client (errors out) where you need to replace tls-remote (as its deprecated since long) with "verify-x509-name" thus rendering the download option for clients in userportal useless.


What got fixed now ? tls-remote got finally deprecated in utm and properly replaced but then overridden by nutm-7448 ? 

Anyway since very long that option no longer works with openvpn client.

Or is there a fix (workaround:) ) so i can have users have a proper config file that works to download in userportal ?

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