Sophos UTM 9 web filtering categories how is uncategorized working?

Dear Sophos community,

i'm searching for this over a week now and getting frustrated of no answers or answers that are 5 years old.

How does sophos web filtering categorize in a non categorie?

we would like to dissable uncategorized website due to security as most fresh websites and malware websites, often are uncategorized.

but we have seen also a lot of external IP URL's and websites of our own as uncategorized.

as we are not allowed to fill in IP adresses to the allow list of uncategorized websites this is one of the hardest issues i have come across.

we have filtered all uncategorized websites out of the logging of our UTM 9 firewall. now we want to allow certain of them but not all.

out of 400+ URL's and IP adresses we have 126 websites we would like to allow.

so far i know that a part of Sophos webfiltering is done by the website of:

mcafee webfiltering (this is from a post of 4 years ago).

also i found a URL that supposed to work where you could ask Sophos to give a URL a proper category. but that website is not working anymore.

so how is this currently done for users with a UTM 9 *(business) firewall to keep it save for the business and end users and also to block uncategorized websites and still allow IP based URL's and URL's that are important for the company to have allowed.

Thanks for the help