We've just released UTM version 9.7 MR18 (9.718). As this is a regular maintenance update it will be released in three phases:

Details of this release, along with previous releases, can be found on our official release notes page.

Other news

  • Maintenance Release
  • Security Release


  • System will be rebooted
  • Configuration will be upgraded

Issues resolved

  • NUTM-14068 [Basesystem] Tar Vulnerability - CVE-2022-48303
  • NUTM-14219 [Basesystem] Remove support for weak TLS signature algorithms in Web Admin and User Portal
  • NUTM-14237 [Basesystem] Remove deprecated XSS protection header from Web Admin and User Portal
  • NUTM-14285 [Basesystem] Disable session tickets on Web Admin and User Portal
  • NUTM-14288 [Basesystem] Samba Vulnerability - CVE-2022-2127
  • NUTM-14197 [Email] Email stuck in queue with scanner timeout
  • NUTM-14289 [Endpoint] Remove Endpoint Protection from WebAdmin and system backend
  • NUTM-14305 [Logging] Failed logins for SSL VPN Remote Access are not displayed in reports
  • NUTM-14218 [RED] Disable DHE ciphers support for RED in UTM
  • NUTM-14339 [WAF] Daily WAF Coredumps: Segmentation fault (11)
  • NUTM-13182 [Web] Reflected XSS in Web Proxy - CVE-2021-4429
  • NUTM-13988 [Web] Improve performance and error handling for AD SSO