Hi Everyone,

We've just released 9.410 to the Up2Date servers. This is a full GA release, meaning that all firewalls will be offered the automatic update.

Up2Date Information


  • Maintenance Release


  • System will be rebooted
  • Configuration will be upgraded
  • Connected REDs will perform firmware upgrade
  • Connected Wifi APs will perform firmware upgrade


  • NUTM-534 [AWS] Template update notification
  • NUTM-6178 [AWS] pg_xlog directory filling up on AWS deployments
  • NUTM-6186 [AWS] Make all UTM logs available in AWS CloudWatch
  • NUTM-6224 [AWS] awslogs daemon init script: restart broken
  • NUTM-6296 [AWS] REST API doesn't work in cluster mode
  • NUTM-6402 [AWS] [RESTD] Session is not closed after token is deleted
  • NUTM-5846 [Access & Identity] IPsec Remote Access use the IP address instead of the username in the log
  • NUTM-6174 [Access & Identity] [RED] mobile_network config part not pushed to prov
  • NUTM-6218 [Access & Identity] HTML5 VPN: Comma not working on Portuguese (Brazil) keyboard
  • NUTM-6374 [Access & Identity] REDs with static WAN config are offline after update to v9.409
  • NUTM-6375 [Access & Identity] Cisco VPN with iOS doesn't work after update to 9.409
  • NUTM-3152 [Basesystem] libxml2 security update (CVE-2013-2877)
  • NUTM-5158 [Basesystem] glibc security update
  • NUTM-5726 [Basesystem] Follow up NUTM-5403 - Sometimes slave stuck in syncing indefinitely after failover
  • NUTM-5800 [Basesystem] curl security update
  • NUTM-6127 [Confd] Expired license loaded after reboot even if the valid license was imported already
  • NUTM-6396 [Confd] Character ">" or "<" for password will change to "&lt;"
  • NUTM-5447 [Documentation] Japanese description has the wrong vocabulary of black list at "Sender Blacklist" in user portal
  • NUTM-3515 [Email] [SPX] Using '▒' and ',' as windows-1252 in form breaks utf-8 conversion
  • NUTM-4932 [Email] Password protected file passes SMTP proxy
  • NUTM-6196 [Email] E-Mail with Sandstorm supported and unsupported files will be moved into quarantine
  • NUTM-6256 [Email] SPX inserts Backslashes into nicename of receipient address
  • NUTM-5656 [Endpoint, Web] Sandstorm feature does not work if SEC managed endpoints with Full Web Control are used
  • NUTM-5756 [Network] Remove empty log lines coming from the firewall subsystem
  • NUTM-6202 [SUM] After update to v9.358 the "guid" was recreated
  • NUTM-5717 [Sandboxd] Respect "file OK" error responses from get/score for SB Proxy API 1.2
  • NUTM-6165 [WAF] Additional cookie from WAF is added without HttpOnly detail
  • NUTM-6356 [WebAdmin] AD User Test fails after first creation of an authentication server
  • NUTM-4118 [Web] Still coredumps from httpproxy since installation of rpms from NUTM-3119
  • NUTM-5399 [Web] httpproxy[xxxx]: segfault at 4 ip 00000000080c2113 sp 00000000ea8aee90 error 6 in httpproxy
  • NUTM-5561 [Web] URL category name "Potiental Unwanted Programs" spelling mistake
  • NUTM-5663 [Web] HTTP proxy restarted with core dumps in 9.407
  • NUTM-5834 [Web] 'Force caching for Sophos Endpoint updates' doesn't seem to force caching
  • NUTM-5956 [Web] UTM breaks auto-update on SAV for Mac
  • NUTM-6310 [Web] Corrected ownership and permission of sandboxd db files
  • NUTM-5366 [WiFi] Wireless Protection Manager doesn't have sufficient rights to edit time definitions
  • NUTM-5567 [WiFi] APs remain inactive after being accepted on UTM
  • NUTM-6125 [WiFi] Customized login page displays invalid characters