Sophos UTM 9.411 for both Stand Alone and Auto Scaling releases is now available on the AWS Marketplace. With this release, we've introduced three new features that have been big asks from our customers.

First, our Auto Scaling release now supports ELB Proxy Protocol, which allows customers to identify, report, and create rules based on end client IP addresses. Second, we've added all UTM logs to the CloudWatch Logs Agent, which provides an automated way to send log data to CloudWatch Logs. Finally, we've released a second version of our conversion utility that allows customers to convert the Stand Alone UTM (Single AMI) into our Auto Scaling release.

In addition to releasing new features, we've created a a new CloudFormation template baseline for all future, stack updates. If you are using CloudFormation with Sophos UTM, you should incorporate the new baseline template into your custom CloudFormation templates, or preform a fresh installation using Sophos UTM CloudFormation templates. You can refer to the reference links for steps on how to identify changes in our latest release.

Reference Links

How to Configure Proxy Protocol for UTM on AWS

How to Convert Stand Alone UTM to Auto Scaling

How to Analyze CloudFormation Template Changes

Sophos UTM 9.411 also includes all maintenance release