We’re transforming our entire business operations to ensure we have best-in-class systems and processes to support our continued growth.

As we harmonize product licensing and improve many product-related processes, in addition to the changes which are valid for all products, we would like to alert you to some changes which are specific to Sophos UTM. These changes are necessary to align the Sophos UTM licensing and processes with those used for our other products, ensuring seamless system support.

During the scheduled system upgrade, which begins on September 29 and lasts for approximately two weeks in early October, there will be a period of time when MyUTM will be available in read-only mode with the exception of some functions. We will provide a further update on that very soon.

On October 1, 2023, we will:

Discontinue the following MyUTM self-service functionality:

  1. Upgrade Protected IPs
  2. Upgrade Appliance Type
  3. Subscription Management

From October 1, 2023: To make such changes will require a mid-term change order.

Stop support for non-aligned term end dates for features that were activated as part of a bundle:

There are some cases where you may have changed the scope of your protection features mid-term and later renewed into a bundle. This can lead to you having different end dates for subscriptions within a single bundle.

A couple of typical examples would be:

  1. if you originally had FullGuard, then separately added Sandstorm with a different end date, and then renewed into FullGuard Plus
  2. if you originally had just Network Protection and then renewed into FullGuard or FullGuard Plus.

From October 1, 2023: We will no longer be able to support non-aligned term subscription end dates within a bundle. You can see if your end dates are aligned in MyUTM. Prior to October 1, you have the possibility to align them using the Subscription Management feature.

Change how Active/Active cluster renewals need to be ordered

When renewing an Active/Active HA cluster, it was previously possible to place an order for a single line item with a quantity of 2 (or more).

From October 1, 2023: The renewal for each device should be a separate line item with a quantity of 1 and each should simply reference the same UTM license number.

Stop providing license keys for renewals (in most cases)

From October 1, 2023: we will no longer provide a license key for standard renewals.

When you receive the license schedule, simply go into MyUTM, where you can download the updated license file.

The exceptions to this are any mid-term changes to a higher appliance type / increased protected IPs; in these cases you would still receive a license key from us to apply.

Communication for these changes

A Partner News post was published and emails were sent to all partners on July 13, 2023.

Partner News Post

Customer emails are scheduled for July 18, 2023.

Should you have any questions, please reach out to your local Sophos contact (Distributor/Partner/Sophos Sales).