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Sophos Wireless APX is getting upgraded for better performance. These changes require firmware updates if used with Sophos UTM or Sophos XG / XGS Firewall.  There is no impact on features, capabilities, or other functionality of the access point.

Identifying updated APX 120 models

The serial number prefix is how to identify APX 120 models with this change.










APX 120 IL



Action required


For the new APX 120 to be recognized and managed with the UTM firewall, UTM must be upgraded to version 9.712.


APX is managed from SFOS (XG / XGS)

  • APX firmware is provided by pattern updates (APX firmware: 11.0.020)
  • However, SFOS stores the APX firmware only if a slot is available. If AP firmware installation is pending for an earlier version (example: 11.0.019 pending for installation), then the newly released firmware will not be available for installation. In this case, the admin must first install the earlier firmware, and then the pattern update will be upgraded in the firewall for manual installation.
  • In all cases, the admin has to manually install the firmware. Installing the new firmware will require downtime as any connected APX will be upgraded.

Note: New APX 120 will work with SFOS only if AP FW 11.0.020 or later is installed on SFOS.

Sophos Central

No action is required as the APX will be upgraded when the device is registered with Sophos Central.


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  • Sophos wireless missing many features. I really would like to understand their roadmap. However, maybe they don't have resources to do it. Which is probably the only reason.

  • APX 320 ends in boot loop with AP FW 11.0.20

    I upgraded AP FW from 11.0.19 to 11.0.20.

    At a location with XG125 (SFOS 19.0.0 GA-Build317) all went fine, 3 APX 320 are updated.

    In a location with XGS2100 (SFOS 18.5.3 MR-3-Build408) the APX320 stopped working.

    For about a few hours, the firmware was sent by SFOS to APX320 (System log)

    [P52003FJXXXXX] sent firmware /content/apfw/APX.uimage to device, releasing connection.
    Successfully sent config to AP [P52003FJXXXXX].

    But the APX failed in the end. Access Points show this APX as inactiv

    So i have one APX that´s bricked...

    Is there anything i can do now?

    i already, deleted the APX from XGS2100, after a few minutes it was readded, but still (after 15min) it´s not comming up.

  • My AP55 and AP15C is working after update !

  • Older AP55 went offline, and never came back.

  • What fixes, updates, new admin information is being added with this firmware update?  What about for what .19 and .18 provided before?   I can't find any technical information relating to these new firmware versions.  Please provide.  Wanting to see Application marking, DSCP setting, hot spot and dead zone mapping, cleint isolation/blocking like Juniper, Palo Alto, Merki offer.