Sophos Firewall: Profile Management for Device Access in Sophos Firewall

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This article will help customize the user profile to allow access to specific modules in Sophos Firewall and will also discuss the steps to manage the user profile for device access. 

Let’s take an example wherein you need to allow only  “VPN access” to the user who handles the VPN infrastructure in your organization.

In this case, we can create a customized profile that requires privileges to only allow “VPN module”.

Note: Please be advised of the following:

  • Reverting it to the default group isn’t possible once given Administrator rights
  • In over to revert its permission, the User profile needs to be recreated.

Step1:Add Custom Profile

  • Log in to the Sophos Firewall
  • From the admin account, go to Profile > Device Access, and Add the custom profile for the “VPN Administrator”.

Note: Firewall already has a few default profiles created that can be used as per the requirement, else the customer profile can be created.

  Default profiles can't be EDITED or DELETED.

Step2: Allowing Read-Write Access

Click the Radio button for VPN Module. Select the following below:

  • Connect Tunnel
  • Other VPN Configurations

Note: In the snapshot, we allowed the “Control Center” and “Logs & Reports” access to users with “Read-Only” privileges.

This is for visibility purposes. The rest of the modules are “None”.

  • Here, we can see the custom profile is created for the VPN admin.

Step3:Assigning the Administrator Role

We would need to assign this profile to the user who has the Administrator role.

Go to Authentication > Users and Edit the Administrator profile of the user, then assign the required custom Profile.


  • If the user doesn’t have an administrator role, then you can edit the user type from Authentication > Users.
  • We can change Profile from User to Administrator without creating the new profile, however, Administrator profile can not be revert/change to User profile. To change the Administrator profile to user profile you need to delete the specific "User" and recreate it with required role/user type. 

After assigning the profile, the user needs to log in with the correct credentials, and they can only be able to change the VPN tab.

The user won’t have access to other tabs and will see a message indicating that they have no rights to perform the operation.

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