Use IP host list as DNS server options?

Instead of manually entering DNS IP addresses into the DNS fields, it would be nice if we could use an IP host instead. Say you wanted to use google as your DNS. A user could create an IP host called "Google DNS servers" of the two IP addresses and and use that as the DNS servers option.

I believe the UTM had this feature, but it seems it could be implemented into SFOS in the future.

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  • You mean this one? 

    UTM could use a longer list of DNS providers, but in reality, most customers selected the DHCP option or the manually (known Hosts) like GoogleDNS. 

    Looking into this, an IP host list could be an improvement, but only for a smaller grade of customer, who wants to have more than 3 DNS servers. 


  • The reason is that since I use AdGuard, they want the Sophos Firewall to be able to use a DNS-over-TLS to their DNS servers. Whether this will ever be possible or not, Sophos should look into DoT, and DoH as a big step in security to prevent DNS leaks and DoT/DoH is going to be in the future of DNS. 

    I would love to see this on a future roadmap.

  • More likely, Sophos will enhance there story about DNS Protection itself and going forward in this segment. Whether it will utilize DoT or other mechanism, this will be shown in the future.