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Radius Authentication to Admin Interface Fails Despite Valid Test


I am still relatively new with Sophos products. I've got a Radius server set up to authenticate users to the admin interface, but it's not working. I've reviewed the documentation several times and am unable to determine what I'm missing. I feel like there's one piece that I haven't enabled, yet I cannot find it.

This is on a Sophos XGS116 running SFOS 19.5.3 MR-3 Build 652.

I went to Authentication -> Servers and

  1. Added a new authentication server - type RADIUS
  2. Provided a name
  3. IP address
  4. Authentication port (1812)
  5. Timeout is set to 3 seconds
  6. Accounting is not enabled
  7. Shared secret specified
  8. Domain Name is blank - this Radius server is not IAS and is not configured with Active Directory - it's a Steel Belted Radius server that's using a local database
  9. Group Name Attribute is set to "Filter-Id" (without the double quotes)

When I select Test connection, I see "Device-RADIUS server connectivity test was successful"

Next, I went to Authentication -> Services

Under Administrator Authentication Methods, I have both Local and the Radius server selected
Dragged and dropped the order of the auth servers such that the Radius server is first in the list

I attempted to log in with the same credentials I used when testing the connection.

I ran a policy trace on the Radius server and can see the Access Request from the Sophos appliance, along with an Access Accept and I can see the value I have set for "Filter-ID" sent back as part of the Access-Accept message.

Can someone please advise?

Thanks in advance!

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