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Site-to-site VPN - Why can't you view your settings when you have a failover group

Why can't you view your site-to-site settings when you have a failover group active. Whenever I'm working with a SOPHOS engineer on an issue, the first thing they want to do is view the VPN settings, but they can't without taking the VPN tunnel offline. Seems like a silly design choice. I can understand if you can't make changes without turning off the failover group, but not being able to even view it is no good.

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  • Hello Steve,

    Good day, and thanks for reaching out to Sophos Community.

    The request is now associated with your account. You can request updates on any feature requests filed previously by contacting your Sophos Account Manager.

    If others on the forum would like to see this implemented, I suggest reaching out to Sophos Support directly to reference the following idea number: SFSW-I-1582


    To clarify further, you can see additional properties for the IPsec tunnel when selecting "Show additional properties." Such as Remote/Local Subnet and Remote/Local ID; these properties will also show when using a Failover Group.

    The Feature Request was put in place to improve these capabilities. 

    Many thanks for your time and patience and for choosing Sophos.


    Raphael Alganes
    Community Support Engineer | Sophos Technical Support
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  • Hi Steve Klassen

    Check with "Show additional properties" to enable the options available to view the settings of the IPsec tunnel without deleting or turning the tunnel down.


    "Sophos Partner: Networkkings Pvt Ltd".

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  • I took a quick look at that and that does seem to show most of the info, other than the notes field. It's funny, I've been on multiple calls with SOPHOS techs and they were frustrated they could not look at all the details, and they also didn't mention this.