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XG randomly classifies traffic as X-VPN - why?

Hi folks,

I know when this is issue started, but do not understand why?

There is another thread asking for assistance to block X-VPN which I added to my block list because it was bypassing  the block VPN and tunnel filters.

The device affected is my solar Power inverter which regularly (many times a day) with a central reporting server. Randomly one to two transactions a day are marked as X-VPN.

The inverter has even on the network since it was installed in 2019, the traffic marked as X-VPN is allowed through the firewall with over 300 packets received and some sent.

The firewall rule used by the inverter does not have any application or web policies applied - allow all, no decrypt and scan. The rule has LAN to WAN IPS.

So what is wrong with the classification process?


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