Add an Active Directory Server on Sophos XGS

Hi support,

I have a few questions on configure Active Directory authentication on my XGS.

I have followed the guide here:

Configure Active Directory authentication - Sophos Firewall

When I open the VPN portal, I cannot login using my AD user account?

If I add a new user in the AD, does it mean I have to import on the firewall all the time in order to use the VPN?

Isn't it setting the Primary authentication method to my_AD_Server is suppose to be able to authenticate with my AD already?

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  •  Hi TobLai

    No, new added user on AD user group not to be imported all the time.When you add a new user on existing group on AD, you don't have to import the user as user "group" is already imported on Sophos…

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  • Hi TobLai 

    Please make sure you have LAN-VPN and VPN-LAN firewall rules and keep the same firewall rules on TOP to troubleshoot the issue if rules are already present. 

    Please go to System -->Administration --->Device access and enable Ping on VPN and LAN Zone. Also, make sure you have added AD Server or network you want to allow under Permitted network resources (IPv4) as per the snapshot : 

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