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Add an Active Directory Server on Sophos XGS

Hi support,

I have a few questions on configure Active Directory authentication on my XGS.

I have followed the guide here:

Configure Active Directory authentication - Sophos Firewall

When I open the VPN portal, I cannot login using my AD user account?

If I add a new user in the AD, does it mean I have to import on the firewall all the time in order to use the VPN?

Isn't it setting the Primary authentication method to my_AD_Server is suppose to be able to authenticate with my AD already?

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  • Thanks Bharat J, good news, I managed to get AD user to login to portal.

    The problem now I face is that is that the AD user is not able to ping the server when I log in to VPN. While the user created in the firewall can access and connect to server and ping any computers on the network.

    Is there anything I am missing?