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[SFOS 18.5MR3] Poor spam detection after update to Sophos Anti-Spam Interface

Hi everyone,
I am setting up a separate thread as I did not receive any specific reply in other threads.

The case concerns Sophos Anti-Spam Interface after upgrading from v18.5MR2 to v18.5MR3 and from v19EAP1 to v19EAP2.

Before updating, antispam works great in legacy mode, detects a lot of intrusive messages and tags with a prefix (near 99%). After updating, only some messages are detected as spam and tagged (I did not do any changes in configuration).

What it comes from? How can I edit my lists to achieve pre-update spam detection?


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  • Hi

    I hope that they will fix issue ASAP because we receive phishing emails(We right now do not receive spam emails) at daily basis and I send them to Sophos Labs ...

    Ticket has been closed because both pathes has been applied and this is now "problem" of Sophos Labs... Do you know if patteren is in SASI engine new and do not include database from 18.5 MR1 or older? Or why we in MR1 didn't receive that phishing emails but now(Same/Next day after update) we start receiving them?