[SFOS 18.5MR3] Poor spam detection after update to Sophos Anti-Spam Interface

Hi everyone,
I am setting up a separate thread as I did not receive any specific reply in other threads.

The case concerns Sophos Anti-Spam Interface after upgrading from v18.5MR2 to v18.5MR3 and from v19EAP1 to v19EAP2.

Before updating, antispam works great in legacy mode, detects a lot of intrusive messages and tags with a prefix (near 99%). After updating, only some messages are detected as spam and tagged (I did not do any changes in configuration).

What it comes from? How can I edit my lists to achieve pre-update spam detection?


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  • I need to update this thread and open new support ticket... Sophos support has fix errors when spam engine try scan email(NC-90702) on our XGS136(HA cluster) but we still receive a lot of phishing and spam emails as before... Now emails are scanned but X-SASI-SpamProbability score it way to low...

    P.S. I need to add that before when we use 18.5 MR1(If remember correct) we don't have that issues...