How Many SSL VPN and IPSec Client include an XGS by default ??

Every XGS Model suppor up to maximum number of SSL VPN and IPsec Clients...

lets take and example:  According to KB-000039345

XGS 2100  support up to 500 concurrent SSL VPN tunnels (is this number for site to site o  for clients??  or  both ??)

XGS 2100 support up to 2600 concuent IPsec tunnels (is this number  for Site to site  or for clients?? or both)

Since other brands like Sonicwall include an small number of  clients by default (you need to buy  licences for more clients if you need more)

How many client for SSL VPN and IPsec VPN  support by default ??  is there a official document that certify the default number of clients included ??


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  • The VPN Connections are limited by Hardware-ressources (or Kernel) only. There is no License Limit.

    ... and no License to allow the max possible number of connections

    With IPSec the max numbers are for RAS & S2S Connections (as stated by LuCarToni).

    If you use other features at the XG ... you have to reduce the possible number of connections.


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