BUG? Sophos Switch DoS Prevention blocks time synchronization of devices.

I'm editing my post here.

I have a Sophos CS110-24 switch

I noticed that no devices on my LAN could contact any NTP server to synchronize their time. I found out that it was the DoS prevention setting.

When enabled, no devices can synchronize to any NTP.

Immediately after disable the DoS protection, all devices can receive time updates. I have left DoS prevention off for now.

I have the latest firmware installed IMG-01.4.1466

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  • We have had problems when the DOS was enabled.  Just because it's there doesn't mean its good, and in this case it's a landmine for your network.  I would advise NEVER EVER enable DOS.  I would eliminate this option from Sophos switches. 

    Sophos FW is equipped to handle DOS because logging is available.  Switch is mostly a L2 device and logging via Wireshark is very time consuming.

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