Device shown as non-compliant - mandatory Apple apps not recognized


We are using an app group that contains four apps, including two Apple apps (Maps and Notes). These four apps are mandatory according to our compliance policy. However, Sophos Mobile Control (SMC) does not recognize Maps and Notes, showing the device as non-compliant even though the apps are installed and usable. The Sophos Mobile Dashboard also indicates non-compliance with a message stating "Mandatory app not installed: Maps (".

I have tried adding the apps through the "Edit app group -> Add app -> Custom" dialog, as well as configuring the app via "Apps -> Add App -> iOS link -> Search in App Store". It didn't make a difference whether I added the entry for Maps or Karten (DE), as it sets the same values and gives the notification "Error: App ID already exists."

The policy with the mandatory app option was created via "Policies -> Create -> Device Policy".

We are using Sophos Mobile Advanced.

Is there anything I can do to resolve this issue? Can this be fixed?

Thank you.


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