Managing Android devices requires a connection between Sophos Mobile and a customer’s Google account. Google is rolling out a new process for configuring this integration. It refers to this project as Better Together Enterprise (BTE).

What does this mean for new customers?

Sophos Mobile customers that configure their Google integration from 9th April 2024 will see a new workflow. Previously customers had to choose between Managed Google Play setup or Managed Google Domain, but now there is only a single registration mode where customers should enter their work email address. Once the setup is complete customers can proceed to enrol and manage devices through the Sophos Mobile console.

The Sophos Mobile admin guide provides more details on the new setup workflow. 

What does this mean for existing customers?

Existing customers that have already configured the integration between Sophos Mobile and Google are unaffected by this change. Customers can continue managing and protecting devices in the normal way.