Hi Partners,

As some of you may know already, the Sophos Central Thin Installer has had some pretty significant changes recently. Below is a list of all the changes and how they affect your installation scripts from Sophos and any custom installation script that you have written.


Sophos Central Thin Installer Changes

First, the SophosSetup.exe has been updated on the Sophos Central Partner Portal.

  • For those using the Sophos Automate Add-on or DattoRMM Component, you will need to update via the Solutions Center for Automate and Download the New Sophos Central [WIN] Component from the Datto RMM ComStore.
  • For those using the Sophos Kaseya Script, you will need to download the new Script from the MSP Hub on the Partner Portal and upload latest SophosSetup.exe from your Central Partner Dashboard.
  • For those that are using custom created scripts, you will need to download the latest SophosSetup.exe and update your scripts accordingly

Next, the command line arguments have changed.

  • --mgmtserver was replaced by --epinstallerserver - You will need to update your custom created scripts accordingly. This change is included in the Sophos Scripts, Add-ons and Components.
  • You will also need to download the latest Customer CSV file from Central Partner Dashboard and replace all Central Server Locations in the Sophos Scripts and your Custom Scripts. This is the new --epinstallerserver "URL" in the CSV File.

Last, The semi-colon in Products is no longer valid. Please replace the semi-colon with a comma when separating products to be installed.

  • Example - antivirus,intercept


Here is a URL Link to the Sophos Central Thin Installer KBA


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