Unable to set Cloud Optix on GCP


I tried to set Cloud Optix on one of the GCP projects with the onboard-gcp.sh command,

gcloud functions deploy "${local}avid-flow-logs-func" -q --entry-point="avid_main" --timeout="540s" --memory="128MB" --runtime="python37" --source="gs://avid-extra-bucket/
optix-log-collector-v2.zip" --set-env-vars=uuid=$CUSTOMER_ID,post_url=$GCPFlowUrl,batch_size="999999" --trigger-bucket "gs://${flowlogsstorage}" --project=$projectId --max-instanc
es=50 >> $LOG_FILE
But somehow it could access the source file from the "avid-extra-bucket". I wonder if I should use other source or I need to set something on the project before deploying Cloud Optix ?