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Sophos Optix

Hi Community

Good morning.

I am Sophos Optix Admin. However. I can't activate the integration with Jira or any other ticketing tool. I do click on the Jira integration and nothing happened. I mean. I do click on the "enable" and no popup messages, nothing at all.

I have followed the instructions provided by Sophos in the documentation. However. It does not work for me.

Sophos support just sent me the steps that I already know and they are in the Doc portal. However. It is not working for me.

I am administrator of the Sophos Optix tool and it looks like I don't have permission to enable the Jira integration.

What can I do. Could you help please?



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  • Hi Nathan. Thanks for reaching out. 

    It appears that you have the "Admin" role in your organization's Cloud Optix account. Only users with the "Super Admin" role can set up integrations, including Jira, as these are set up at the organization (customer account) level for all environments.

    You will need a Super Admin on your account to promote you to the Super Admin role, or have a Super Admin user set up the Jira integration for your organization.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi Paul

    Thanks a lot for your help.