What navigation changes are included in the new Central beta and FAQ's

You can see a lot of the details on the changes in the public beta announcement and in the help.  There is also a guided workflow within the UI that will walk you through some of the key changes.  For easy access a summary is below:

  • Our existing left navigation is moving to a top navigation bar.
    • A collapsible left navigation will still be available in the product areas.
  • A new Dashboards drop-down menu consolidates access to Account Health Check and Central dashboards.
    • This menu will expand in the future, so stay tuned for future betas!
  • We've added quick access icons for commonly used items such as:
    • Account Health Check dashboard
    • General Settings (formerly Global Settings)
    • Notifications
  • Informational banners will move to a new Notification icon
    • Choose to dismiss individual items for your login session, or permanently.
  • Based on feedback from our users, some page names have been simplified
    • Protect Devices is changing to Installers, and has moved under the new Devices drop down.
    • Global Settings is changing to General Settings
    • Logs & Reports is changing to Reports
  • Guided workflows and the Sophos assistant are being introduced and will start with this beta.


  • How long will the beta last?
    • Approximately 3 - 6 weeks
  • Will the left navigation go away after the beta?
    • Not immediately. We will keep the optional experience period for a few months before we fully replace the current navigation
  • What happened to the Protect Devices page?
    • It's been renamed to Installers and is now located under the Device drop down
  • Why does the Dashboard drop down contain only Central Dashboard landing page and Account Health Check?
    • As the Central user interfaced is enhanced in the future more items will become available
  • How do I get back to the original navigation if I need to?
    • Should you need to revert back to the original navigation, you can access the Switch back to Legacy Central option in the Profile menu.