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Major Sandboxie News: Sandboxie is now a free tool with plans to transition it to an open source tool

Sophos is excited to announce that we are making Sandboxie a free tool, with plans to transition it to an open source tool.

This new evolution of Sandboxie is one we are enthusiastic about, but that does not mean this was an easy decision to make.  Sandboxie has never been a significant component of Sophos’ business, and we have been exploring options for its future for a while. 

Frankly, the easiest and least costly decision for Sophos would have been to simply end of life Sandboxie. However, we love the technology too much to see it fade away.  More importantly, we love the Sandboxie community too much to do that. The Sandboxie user base represents some of the most passionate, forward thinking, and knowledgeable members of the security community and we didn’t want to let you down.

After thoughtful consideration we decided that the best way to keep Sandboxie going was to give it back to its users – transitioning it to an open source tool.  We will release more information about the open source project as we continue to work on the details.

Until the open source transition is completed we have decided to make Sandboxie completely free.  We have included a FAQ below with more information. We will continue to update this post as additional details become available. 


Sandboxie FAQ


How do I get a free license?  What features are included?

Sandboxie currently uses a license key to activate and grant access to premium features only available to paid customers (as opposed to those using a free version).  We have modified the code and have released an updated free version that does not restrict any features.  In other words, the new free license will have access to all the features previously only available to paid customers.


What if I have time left on my current Sandboxie license?

Regardless of how much time might be left on your existing Sandboxie license, in order to receive the latest updates customers with currently valid license keys will also need to install the latest unrestricted free version .  This will ensure you have access to all Sandboxie features and are using the most up-to-date version of the product.


What if I currently do not have a Sandboxie license?

Simply download the unrestricted, free version. No current or previous license is required.


When will Sandboxie be released as open source?

We are investigating making Sandboxie open source, however we are still working through the details and timeline. We will update this FAQ when we know more.


What license agreement will apply to my existing, paid licenses?  Will the same agreement apply to the unrestricted, free version that will be made available?

The license agreement under which you originally obtained the paid licenses to Sandboxie will continue to apply to those paid licenses until the expiration of the applicable license term.   A new license agreement will apply to licenses of the new unrestricted, free version of Sandboxie made available for download. 

An update EULA can be found here:


Will customer support still be available?

As part of our transition to a free and potentially open source product, Sandboxie support will become community based.  The community will include developers directly involved with Sandboxie.

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  • You can find the download links to download on 


  • How long will the license server continue to work?
    I currently have to stay on 5.28 and would re-enter the license key on the last day to have another 180 days.

    Windows 7 x64 with all updates • Sandboxie 5.31.6 x64 • Browser (each with its own sandbox, cleared on exit): Firefox 70 x64, Internet Explorer 11, Pale Moon 26.5.0 x86 • Eset Internet Security 13

  • Very good new! Hopefully this will mean many more years of Sandboxie.

  • Many thanks.

    For XP users, will a free version of 5.22 (the last version for XP) also be released

    with modified code that does not check for a license or restrict any features?

  • There are no plans to remove the license server in the foreseeable future. However, please update to the latest version to ensure your usage is not interrupted.

  • There are no planes to create a free version for XP.  

  • Thank you for making Sandboxie open source, or at least for announcing you will. I guess if you won't maintain it anymore this is the best solution.

    About the new update, is it just to remove the paid limitations or is there any other fix?

  • First of all, thank you for the news Seth!

    It's great to hear that sandboxie is going open source and it's a very generous gift to the community.

    Sandboxie isn't the first thing Sophos has released for free for example their Sophos UTM Home Edition firewall which has been going for many years.

    Sophos could have easily retired this at any time and with windows 10 updates are known to break things including sandboxie, it would have meant a very quick End of Life for the product.

    So thankyou Sophos for your (admittedly long) announcement and heres to many more years of sandboxie!


  • Vivaldo Sagese said:

    About the new update, is it just to remove the paid limitations or is there any other fix?


  • All of you who think that Sandboxie goes open source are good news have considered who is going to continue developing it?

    I doubt any Sophos team will do any work on it. If that happens... then what?

    Do you know the abilities required to update a tool like Sandboxie? Do you think any average coder will be able to keep it up to date when a Windows update breaks something or a software stops working sandboxed?

    Guys able to do such work earn lot of money and I doubt (I hope I'm wrong) anyone will want to do it for free.

    So this announcement is, and again I hope to be wrong, the end of Sandboxie.