MacOS slowdowns with EAP in Monterey (solved) and extremely slow login with both Big Sur and Monterey

The MacOS Intercept X has some serious problems. (I'm running the latest EAP 10.3.0.)

The last update to Big Sur 11.16.1 went well, but then my first login after the update took 45 minutes to get to the point that all of my apps were up. Ridiculously slow. This was with the current non-EAP version.

Same with Monterey, using Intercept X EAP. It took 15 minutes to get from the login screen to my desktop, and then I went to bed it was taking so long for the applications to fully launch.

Right now, the networkextension is running at 200% CPU continuously, even when network traffic is low, so my fan is running continuously:

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  • My iMac Pro 2017 is also suffering from this affliction, after upgrading to Monterey from Big Sur. Some days after I log in, it continues normally, on other days it takes an unknown time, as I don't wait but reboot one or more times which eventually allows me to work (so far). The iMac is on OS 12.1 with Sophos 10.3.1 with Endpoint Advanced and Intercept X, via the Central Managed Portal.

    @Qoosh: Please could a fix be forthcoming in the not too distant future, as I need my iMac for work?