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MacOS slowdowns with EAP in Monterey (solved) and extremely slow login with both Big Sur and Monterey

The MacOS Intercept X has some serious problems. (I'm running the latest EAP 10.3.0.)

The last update to Big Sur 11.16.1 went well, but then my first login after the update took 45 minutes to get to the point that all of my apps were up. Ridiculously slow. This was with the current non-EAP version.

Same with Monterey, using Intercept X EAP. It took 15 minutes to get from the login screen to my desktop, and then I went to bed it was taking so long for the applications to fully launch.

Right now, the networkextension is running at 200% CPU continuously, even when network traffic is low, so my fan is running continuously:

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  • OK, another day and I reboot and it took a half hour for most (not all) apps to become responsive. This is sort of crazy: at unknown times having to reboot means being without your computer for 30-60 minutes. About 20 minutes into things, I was able to get into Sophos Endpoint and turn it off. Not sure if that helped or not.

    I'm thinking I might need to permanently disable Endpoint until an affirmative fix is documented by Sophos.

  • Hi Wayne,

    The EAP version 10.3.3 is being moved to GA. Could you let me know if your issues were present on 10.3.2 or 10.3.3? 

    As of March 8th 10.3.3 will be available to all customers. Some of the changes in this release are as follows. 

    • Sophos Scan Extension performance improvements.
    • Performance improvements to CryptoGuard file backups.
    • Complete removal of System Extensions during software removal.
    • Apple unified logging for most components.
    • Additional support for iStorage secure removable devices.
    • Stability improvements.

    Let me know if you continue to experience issues after this update.

    Kushal Lakhan
    Team Lead, Global Community Support
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  • We have 11 macos clients using 10.3.3 that had such poor performance we had to remove Sophos Endpoint. Ticket being raised. 

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