I'm pleased to say that a new version of our endpoint user interface is being released to EAP customers this week. Windows devices (client and server) enrolled in the EAP will receive the update automatically.

The key goal of the update is to better represent Sophos' different endpoint components - Intercept X, Central Device Encryption and our upcoming UEM agent. It will also to bring a consistent look across platforms, meaning our offerings for Windows, Android, iOS, Chrome OS (and macOS later this year) will all have the same look and feel. The new UI will hook into system notifications, meaning it can utilize the Windows Action Centre and better interact with other applications (e.g. identify when a user is presenting).


  • Thanks for the comment BrucekConvergent. The new UI moves to a different framework (.NET), and unfortunately can't automatically apply the existing tray settings, so uses the system defaults.

  • The only issue I've seen with this update is that if you had the previous UI's notification bar icon set to be visible (in windows settings) -- then the update happens it becomes hidden again and you have to manually set it to be visible again.  in past gui updates this was not an issue.  A minor one but annoying.