[BUG] XG v16/17 PPPOE doesn't endlessly tries to reconnect

Hi All,

i have a weird issue concerning clients with xDSL lignes, with a modem bridged and connected to wan port of the XG.

There are more and complains about internet failures (different clients, different DSL providers, different modems), and in most of the cases the pppoe Wan port status is "Disconnected".

Just by clikcing on "connect" connection goes up immediatly !

Is there a way to force the XG to retry enlessly to reconnect ?! (which should be a basic thing !!!!)

Thanks !

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  • I do not have any insight of this issue right now, but coming from a DEV/Support perspective, this is a pain to troubleshoot and find the real root cause of this issue.

    As most of those appliances are completely offline while this issue occurs and only one time per day, this appears, it is hard to "live debug" this issue.


    So if somebody with this issue have a system, which has a "alternative" route to the internet at the same time, this would be helpful to live debug this issue. Maybe even a cellular connection to XG would be helpful, while this occurs. 


  • Hello LuCar,


    At the present I can't help with this request, the 2 sites that are experiencing this more than once so far are critical, as in Australia we presently have a large number of work from home people, so immediate reconnection is required.

    But I have the site that experienced the issue for the first time yesterday getting a secondary link. So if there is no resolution then I will be able to have them fully failed over on the backup link for immediate testing.

    I will advise.


    But some credence needs to be applied that the issue appears to be introduced in a hotfix. As I explained, I have 2 sites with in excess of 100 days uptime, and no firmware changes. And they have only begun exhibiting the issue in the past 20 days. And given that 1 site has experienced the issue 4 times in that 20 days, and not at all in the previous 80 gives this indication.





    Gavin Daniels. DipIT(Networking)