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UTM 9 to open source after EOL ?

from the user alan weir and i am also interested in an answer:

The benefit to mankind would be to release the source code of UTM and make it open source once it reaches EOL. This probably won't happen but for such a great piece of software to be abandoned and lost and forgotten would be a shame. 

  • We have no plans to release the UTM software code as open source beyond what we currently make available for licensing reasons.

  • I think it's worth consideration to allow disabled functions to at least be viewable. That is so one could view the settings to attempt to replicate on a different platform.

    Completely locking the user out from even being able to view would be an unfortunate decision.

  • I'm not sure I understand your point here. My answer was in response to the request about making the codebase of the UTM open source. When I mentioned 'licensing' I was referring to the terms of the software use licenses that govern the various software components and products that are used as part of the UTM software.

    It sounds like you're referring to the ability to access the UTM's UI after the product license/subscriptions expire, to reference the settings on the device. Is that right?

  • I suppose either this one or the other thread in this subforum are appropriate to this query.

    But yes, access to settings after license/sub expires.

    Come to think of it, it has been standard practice in the past to lock the user out of everything but the licensing portion of the ui at license expiration.

    However, EOL != license expiration. With the latter, there was an option to renew, not so with the former.

    As such, consideration should be given to keeping the options accessible, even if non functional.

  • That makes sense. We will certainly give that some consideration. I believe it really only applies to Software licenses - SG Appliance licenses allow the customer to continue accessing the UI after subscriptions expire.

    Obviously, the best approach is for customers to use the next 3 years to make sure they are prepared for the end-of-life, but I know from personal experience that things don't always work out that way ;-)

  • Hello RichBaldry, that's exactly how it is: things don't always work out that way ;-)

    For example, I have several friends and family running Sophos UTM 9.x with connected AP30, AP50 and in a few places the somewhat newer AP15/AP15C. My grandmother alone, who is now 90 years old, or both of my aunts, who are almost 80 years old, will refuse to allow me to change the entire infrastructure until 2026, .. once again on their few last days on this planet^^.
    So it would be more than very helpful if you could enable an unlimited licence, which would then no longer be supported at all and would certainly not receive any updates, but which could simply be used indefinitely.