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Sophos UTM 9 with AWS VPC/VPN - No VPC connection found for local system


I am having problems setting up AWS site-to-site VPN on Sophos UTM (Firmware version: 9.717-3 & Pattern version: 232735)

Here are the steps I took:

  • created AWS customer gateway with Sophos UTM public IP
  • created AWS VGW and attached to the public VPC
  • created AWS VPN connection on AWS attached to a transit gateway
  • Downloaded AWS VPN configuration file for Sophos, UTM, V9, IKEv1
  • Changed the VPN config file and added a VGW ID : <vpn_gateway_id>vgw-000000000</vpn_gateway_id>
  • On Sophos UTM, I navigated to Site-to-site VPN > Amazon VPC > Setup > Import Via Amazon VPC Configuration
  • Uploaded the config file and clicked Apply

After this I get the error "No VPC connection found for local system"

Has anyone faced this issue before? Where am I going wrong?

Thanks in advance

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