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IPSec VPN with similar private networks don't receive traffic


at the moment we have an IPSec VPN setup (and it's up and basically green).

On our local side we have several VLANs defined, like 10.1.10.x/24, 10.1.20.x/24 and so on. Basically all of our local networks are defined within 10.1/16.
On the remote side we want to connect 10.255/16 and 10.195/16, which we don't use.

Now for the IPSec VPN locally, I defined a new Network Object w. which I added.

Now we're trying to receive traffic from (ping) to But we don't receive anything, although the remote side is sending (can confirm this).

We have auto firewall-rules active including packet logging, but we don't see anything. Can anyone help me out? Is this Network Object maybe an issue? Also No NAT is used atm.

Thank you!

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