RED 15 | Not Connecting | led blink


we have a red which does not connect
vivek has sent the activation code
we have registered the red in our utm9
the utm immediately created a new activation code and entered it

when we connect the red to power.

we get the following leds displayed

#   Power System Router Internet Tunnel Lan1-4 WAN duration
1 green  red green green
2 green green
3 green
4 green green  
5 green green  green


green green green green mlinutes


green blink red  blink green green


green green green green few sec


green blink red blink green  green


green green green green
11 green blink red green blink red green

then the red restarts

there are no entries for the red id in the log of the utm

does anyone have a suggestion?

fixed table
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