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Sophos Partners: Sample template for customers to grant portal access

Hi All,
With the exciting release of the new Support Portal, Sophos partners are now able to manage cases on behalf of their customers. Customers simply have to register on the new Support Portal and approve access to their account.
  • Note: If customers do not grant access, partners can still file cases on their behalf with their partner account, although partners will not be able to see the customer's assets.
Here's an email template below that you can reference when contacting your customers.

Hi <Insert Customer Name>,
With the launch of the new Sophos Support Portal, Sophos customers are now to able to have increased visibility into cases created on their behalf by their Sophos partner.
A simple portal registration and access approval is all that's required.
Please follow the steps below:
  1. Register on the new Sophos Support Portal:
  2. Grant access to your Sophos partner:
For more info regarding the new Sophos Support Portal or if you need any help, please check out:
<Insert your name here>

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