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Sophos Central Wireless with Captive Portal - random automatically logout


first sorry for my english.

We use Sophos Access Points APX120 managed in Sophos Central.
Here we created a SSID with a captive portal. So the user only must acceppt the terms & conditions to get in the internet.

This works fine.

After a random time of minutes, sometimes up to 5,6 hours the devices will automatically disconnect from the SSID.
Not all devices at the same time, but one after another during some minutes/hours.
I don't unterstand why. What's the general timout of a captive portal? 

What is wrong on my Configuration?

Thank you for help.

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  • We have seen these issues regularly. Support have been next to useless in determining the route course despite providing remote assistance more times than I can count. The problem would appear to be on the captive portal side but know one seems to know how to troubleshoot this. I've given up myself and are looking now to bin the product and get some meraki or ruckus APs I know work.