Does it Sync with Firewall Web Filtering Settings

I haven't signed up yet, not sure how to answer some of the questions because I'm not sure how we want to test. Based on screen shots it looks like similar settings that exists with Intercept X which isn't as granular as the Web Filtering in the XG. Does this sync with users and settings that are currently set in the Firewall Web Filtering?  Is there a plan to have these settings be similar? 

Ideally it would be nice to have one location to set up the filtering policies and have those apply to the different components. Currently we have our XG firewalls pulling in groups from AD.  These groups have different categories allowed to them, but only works when the device is on the network behind the firewall.  Ideally if we could assign the DNS for our laptops, ala Cisco Umbrella, and have the same settings enforced (synced) from the XG to this DNS protection then the user would be protected outside of the network.

With this can I set the DNS on a laptop, outside our network, and test this way?