Wrong DNS resolution

We've activated DNS Protection yesterday eventing on our firewall and got totally wrong resolved IP-adresses.
After reverting it back to Google, the rights ones were resolved.

How should we proceed with that ? 
I can provide 2 examples

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  • Hi  

     Thanks for your email. We shall check why the feedback is not working.

     We analysed the issue reported and analysis as below:

    Sophos4u.de is categorised as Parked domain. As per the policy configured (Keep it clean rule), Parked domains are blocked and hence, a different IP (which redirects to block page) is observed.

    There are two ways you can allow this domain:

    Option 1:

    • Select “Let me specify” rule under Policy -> Threats and liabilities -> “Let me specify” from drop down -> Parked domains -> Allow from drop down.
    • This will allow all Parked domains.

     Option 2:

    • Create a Domain list under “Domains” page with “sophos4u.de” domain.
    • Enable “Filtering by custom domain lists” under Policy. Add the Domain list created and select “Allow” as the action to override the category.
    • This will allow only sophos4u.de and its subdomains.

    Please let us know if you need any further help. Thanks again for enrolling and trying out DNS Protection EAP.

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