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user removal via api not working

I am writing following script to delete user. Script is returning status code 200 but user not getting deleted.

{'reqxml': '<Request><Login><Username>XXXXXX</Username><Password>XXXXXX</Password></Login><Remove><User transactionid="1"><Username>YYYY</Username><Name>YYYY</Name></User></Remove></Request>'}


Login status: Authentication Successful
Line 1 (YYYY), Status 200
User deleted successfully

Can anybody Help in this regard

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  • Thanks vishal

    Perfect solution. It worked. If possible please update API documentation

    Providing my final script for further reference


    reqxml=<Request><Login><Username>XXXX</Username><Password>YYYY</Password></Login><Remove><User transactionid="1"><Name>ABC</Name></User></Remove></Request>


    <Response APIVersion">1905.1" IPS_CAT_VER">1">
    <status>Authentication Successful</status>
    <User transactionid">1">
    <Status code">200">Configuration applied successfully.</Status>
    Its deleting the user. Here user name is specified inside tag <Name></Name>. ABC is user name in the query.
    Thanks a lot.
  • Hi   Thanks for the update, for API documentation update let me check internally. 


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