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sophos on mini pc

hello! I ve recently found about sophos xg (which will solve a problem with my network). Someone said it will block all ads on my network (which is the main issue) and proposed to run it on a "standalone" pc. Because I m really not sure yet, will it run on a mini pc with 4gb ram and 3570s processor? What shoud I look for? (they got me confused tbh). thanks in advance for any help!

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  • I might recommend using an external DNS server that does ad-blocking such as Pi-hole or Adguard DNS. This way ads are blocked on all devices as long as the devices are pointing to the external DNS server that Pihole or adguard is running on.

    DNS filtering can be bypassed on devices if users change the DNS settings to Google/Cloudflared ect., so this is why it's not a common practice to rely on something like Pi-hole for adblocking since it can be bypassed. 

    If you want to avoid the hassle of setting up your own DNS server, then you could just pay for the adguard DNS service and use the AdGuard DNS servers as the DNS forwarders within the firewall settings.

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