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SASI high CPU usage

Hi there!

I'm currently running on SFVH (SFOS 19.5.0 GA-Build197) and notice a very high CPU usage caused by the SASI service. I tried to turn off Anti-Spam in my E-Mail profile, but it didn't change. 


Control Center:

The only thing I could find was a periodic error while trying to download some Checksums (?) in the sasi.log:

Any ideas? Did anyone observe anything similar? Maybe even a fix?



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  • Hi there

    I replied to Janos yesterday. My Sophos firewall is directly connected to my ISP without any active network device in between. I noticed however that trying to download the SASI DB checksum via terminal (curl command) and force it to use IPv4 (curl -ipv4), it works fine every time. If I force it to use IPv6 (curl -ipv6) it fails most of the time (curl gets stuck and has t obe aborted). Ping and Traceroute to the SASI server however work for both IPv4 and IPv6 directly from the firewall's terminal. 

    Regards, Patrick

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