SD-RED20 - No connection to firewall

Hello everyone,

I have an issue with adding a new RED20 to my Sophos XG115 firewall.

1 and a half year ago I already added 3 RED15 without any problems so DHCP and Firewall rules are still configured properly. Port 3400 and 3410 are open too.

However I can not check the RED15 anymore because they are installed on customer side and the customer hasn’t provided an internet connection yet.

At first I added the RED20 with ‚Device deployment: Automatically via provisioning service‘ enabled but everytime I connect the RED20 to the internet, I only get the LED error code: No configuration or firmware update failed.

Even though I can see the devices communicating with the firewall via CLI console.

After several tries I decided to do a manual update via USB stick.

I deleted the RED20 entry from the firewall and added it again but this time with ‚Device deployment: Manually via USB stick‘ enabled.

 I downloaded the config file, put it on a FAT32 USB stick, connected the USB stick to the RED20 and switched it on.

With this method I get the LED error code: no connection to firewall.

Additionaly I found a new created file on the USB stick with the name ‚fw_update.log‘

In the log file is only one entry:

2020-04-23 06:19:59 Checking whether Sierra LTE 7455 module is plugged

root: No /dev/cdc-wdm0 device found