Hello Sophos Community,

The January Central release for Firewall Management is now available. This contains several new features, and fixes. 


  • SD-WAN Enhancements - Allow '*' wildcard character as any IP address for remote end of the route-based VPN tunnel creation.
    Ideal for use with remote sites that frequently or rapidly change dynamic IP addresses.
  • Configurable Suppression of Repetitive Alerts- Change alert priorities and set limits on how frequently repetitive alerts should be raised. 
    Use this to suppress normally noisy alerts, keeping them from cluttering your inbox and alert counts in Sophos Central
  • Auto-Rollback of firmware Detection - SFOS V20.0 and up now supports automatic firmware rollback when it detects that an update was not completely successful. 
    Sophos Central will now detect and alert on firmware rollback events, should they occur.
  • Other cosmetic changes, to match ATP feature naming changes in SFOS v20.0

Issues Resolved

  • NR-11443 - Security Update
  • NR-11566 - Resolved licensing issue when switching SG appliance to SFOS
  • NR-11474 - Resolved issue in Central Firewall Reporting where a report could occasionally appear blank
  • NR-10132 - Resolved issue where per-app traffic shaping defaults were not editable in Central policy in some circumstances (Community reported via Central Feedback submission)