I'm pleased to announce that the February update for Firewall Management in Sophos Central is now available.

New Features

  • Repeatable Subscriptions Trials - Subscriptions may be evaluated again after 90 days. If you started a trial but weren't able to test the features in time, this will let you try it again when you're ready.
  • Skip full sync when adding firewalls to a group - In select cases where desirable, you may skip performing a full sync for a firewall, when adding it to a group. This is useful when re-adding a firewall to a group that it was temporarily removed from.
  • Custom XFRM IP Pools for SD-WAN Orchestration - This option allows users to choose a preferred range of IP addresses that firewalls will use on their XFRM tunnel interfaces, when using SD-WAN Orchestration to manage VPNs.
    This feature will be enabled in Sophos Central on the week of March 4th.
    UPDATE - This feature was released on March 4th